« The overall ensemble is nothing less than first class »

International Trumpet Guild

Just like the famous Swiss army knife, the Geneva Brass chamber music ensemble is multi-purpose and multi-talented. Its warm distinctive sound shines while sharply interpreting a Bach fugue, sweetly whispering a Cosma ballad or gently humming a traditional Alphorn melody. The ensemble can be powerful when playing alongside an organ or a big band but can also be soft and tender when accompanying a choir, panpipes or even a harp.

The Geneva-based brass quintet is an ardent supporter of Swiss culture and regularly commissions new pieces to expand its repertoire. It also frequently tours internationally: notably being invited to the Cervantino Festival (Mexico), SliderAsia (Hong Kong), Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (South Korea), Lieksa Brass Week (Finland), Brassurround (Spain) and the Eurocuivres Festival (France).

At ease in any situation, the quintet has not only performed in some of the world’s most beautiful concert halls, such as Geneva’s Victoria Hall or Tianjin’s Grand Theatre, but also with its feet in the water of Lake Geneva, in South African shanty towns and on the Great Wall of China.

Created in 2001, the ensemble brings together five talented musicians, who all hold a master’s degree from the Geneva University of Music. It founded and organised ten editions of the internationally renowned Geneva Brass festival, from 2010 to 2020, and from 2021 will organise a concert series in the greater Geneva area. Geneva Brass has also created shows for children such as “A story of tubes” or “Tubes on fire!” and has made several recordings which reflect its eclectic image.


Geneva Brass is supported by the City of Geneva. The State of Geneva, Pro Helvetia and other bodies regularly support the Geneva Brass Quintet for tours or other specific projecs.